Opinion: For Maine’s Economy to Thrive, We Need to Attract More Spinning Ice Disks

Augusta —¬†A simple, but uncommon, winter phenomenon in the Presumpcot River has brought worldwide attention to our state. If Maine wants to move forward in the decade to come, we simply must do more to bring naturally occurring ice disks to our rivers.

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News outlets here in Maine have been covering the event, but now the spinning disk is a worldwide sensation, bringing global attention to our economic plight. As a proud Mainer who has lived in this gorgeous state for almost 5 years, I can easily see this is a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on the buzz no natives are taking seriously.

Augusta must add more spinning ice disks to Maine’s rivers if we hope to move forward.

Those spinning ice disks bring tourists, who in turn, bring their dollars to the state. With manufacturing long gone, and economically encouraging projects like the salmon farm in Belfast being held up by protests, a service economy is the only future for Maine.

Mainers need to embrace the change to its economy, and spinning ice disks will be the tinder that sets off the explosive need for hotel and waitstaff jobs.

Of course, those spinning disks can be taxed, just like everything else in Maine. If we had at least one spinning ice disk in every river in Maine, and instituted a modest 5% ice disk tax, Maine could pay for literally everything in just 5 years, according to generous estimates from the Center for Responsible Ice Disk Commerce.

The bottom line is this: if Maine wants to attract younger people to the state, we need more jobs in the service industry, and Gov. Mills would be wise to fund an independent commission to study the positive economic effects of ice disks.

Opinion by Stephen Kaiser, CEO of consulting group Independent International Ice Disk Economic Committee.


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