After 8 Years, Maine Journalists Take Overdue Break from Critical Coverage of Governor’s Office

Augusta – Newspapers across the state are welcoming a hiatus from pointing a disapproving eye at Augusta.

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With Paul LePage gone, newspapers no longer have to worry Maine’s governor will say something stupid they can then work into the national conversation on politics.

“Everything is finally back to where we believe it should be,” one journalist said.

“We’re all pretty worn out from adversarial coverage of the governor’s office,” he continued. “It’s great that burden has been lifted, and with LePage gone and Janet Mills as governor, we can start writing nice puff pieces.”

Whereas newsrooms previously worked at a breakneck pace covering all the embarrassing things LePage said and did, things have slowed down markedly.

“Our latest pitch meeting for features focused on things going forward for the entire year. For example, we’ve already planned a summer kick-off with Janet Mills’ Must-Read Books of Summer, and next year’s holiday season we’re going to front-page the governor’s favorite sugar cookie recipes.”

Feeling the crunch are Maine’s investigative journalists, who worry about the possibility of lay-offs.

“Mills can’t possibly do anything worthy of investigation, aside from investigating how nice things are now. Bill Nemitz already did an opinion piece on how the whole climate of Maine is nicer thanks to Mills. Can’t really delve much deeper,” one reporter said.

One unexpected struggle for Maine’s newspapers under the new Mills administration has been difficulty organically working the term “Yasss queen” into a headline.

“We’ll stay up all night to crack this one,” said a representative from the Portland Press Herald.



15 thoughts on “After 8 Years, Maine Journalists Take Overdue Break from Critical Coverage of Governor’s Office”

  1. The big news now, is rampant, uncontrolled spending. The media is not interested in letting the public know where their hard earned tax dollars are being thrown to the wind.

    1. Uhm.. no extra spending has been done.. the governor cant unilaterally start spending money.. in fact she cant spend any money at all unless the LEGISLATORS pass laws telling her to. Do you even understand how government works??

      1. And you think with the Dems controlling both houses they’ll rein in her spending?
        Maybe you missed the “no work requirement” for the able bodied welfare recipients she just cancelled. I’m sure that won’t cost us anything having those 9K that dropped off the rolls back on them again.

  2. So what you are saying is now that your person is in. You can focus on keeping that person in office. So much for objective journalism.

  3. Governor Mills is free to do whatever she wishes and there will be no coverage. That is just as wrong as this article. The press is supposed to be the fourth arm of the government by digging into things that smell a bit off for the truth which need to xome to the light of day.
    However, the press reports only what their agenda is, much like the communist controlled Pravda before the Soviet Union collapsed.

  4. Oh for Khrist sake! Lighten up all of you. If your coming here for real reporting, you are number than a pounded thumb!

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