Fireball Replaces Allen’s as Maine’s Number 1 Booze Bottle Found in Ditches

Route 9 – After years of complete dominance, Allen’s Coffee Brandy has been unseated from its throne atop Maine’s annual booze bottle roadside litter statistics.

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Fireball, the cinnamon flavored whiskey liqueur, has finally surpassed Allen’s as the booze bottle most likely to be picked up in Maine’s ditches.

“I love the stuff,” reports Cynthia Anderson of East Millinocket. “Allen’s got me through quite a few parties in high school but trouble is, you can’t get it in nips.”

Mainers statewide report the convenience of Fireball nips makes it ideal for “tootin around the horn.”

One Rockland man showed us how many nips he could fit into the center console of his truck.

“Load it right up guy,  and you’re good to go. That’s about a Saturday night right there,” he said.

The small size of Fireball nips makes them easier to throw, whether it be from the window of a moving vehicle, parked at Rite-Aid, or at a high school parking lot before, during and after a basketball game.

One of the biggest factors leading to Fireball’s new status as Maine’s number one most littered bottle is its cinnamon flavoring.

“My girlfriend got out of an OUI because of it. Have one just as you’re getting pulled over and it makes your breath right fresh,” Anderson said.


7 thoughts on “Fireball Replaces Allen’s as Maine’s Number 1 Booze Bottle Found in Ditches”

  1. And I thought it was just a Virginia thing! Here in Bedford County, we walk in the evening, and fill a plastic bag with roadside trash almost every night. Just last week, we said, “What is it with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey? These little bottles show up almost every night.” Apparently these little nippers toss real well in southern air, too.

  2. Seth, this is perfect!! My daughters and I ride the Trek Across Maine annually and this year made sport of counting the FB nips on our daily rides.

    They are a tasty treat in fun container.

  3. So in my short and unstoried political career one of the things I did actually achieve, with a team, was a five cent deposit on nips bottles, which is now in effect. We’re rich!

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