GMC Introduces New Disposable 2004 Sierra Truck for Young Mainers

Detroit – Auto maker GMC is bringing back one of its older models for an exclusive reissue for Maine.

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“We couldn’t help but notice the popularity of the 2004 Sierra on Maine’s roads and front yards, so we decided to bring them back as a low-cost option for Mainers,” a spokesperson for GMC said.

The new, disposable pick-up trucks are designed to be identical to most 2004 Sierra’s already on the road.

“Our reissue comes in three different styles,” GMC said. The least expensive “entry-level” 2004 GMC Sierra reissue comes complete with authentic bumper rust.

“That tiny bit of rust on the rear bumper means the entire frame is about to collapse into dust, but for $1200 it will get you through until the next sticker,” GMC promises.

Other options on the disposable GMCs include pre-bald tires, missing mufflers, and customer choice of cigarette, weed, or bar and chain oil scented interiors.

There are also different after-market stereos installed in some models, or consumers can simply choose to have an empty hole in their dash where a radio was going to be “but they got the wrong harness.”

“These trucks are often in Uncle Henry’s, or parked at the end of people’s driveways with a cardboard sign displaying the price. We saw a demand for a good truck a younger person could buy, tool around in for a while, and then abandon at their grandfather’s pit.”

General Motors is also considering reissuing the 2002 Pontiac Sunfire “specifically for Maine’s young ladies.”


6 thoughts on “GMC Introduces New Disposable 2004 Sierra Truck for Young Mainers”

  1. I normally would have been all insulted by this, like, hey you’re describing West Virginia. But after working as a UPS driver helper at the holiday season a few years back, and seeing a lot of backwoods Maine properties, I realize that they’re completely spot on. 10/10

  2. I just saw the segment on Bill Green’s Maine. I love your satire. I remember sharing the Chipped Nipples article. New Maine News captures the essence of the real Maine.

  3. Those tarps and exposed Tyvex wrap you see on Maine houses is actually the new style. Its called the unfinished look.

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