Couple Who Moved to Maine This Morning Now on 7 Different Town Committees

Edgecomb – Braydon and Kendra Peters-Robinson left the city life in Connecticut behind to start a new one in Maine, arriving early this morning and getting themselves appointed in town government immediately.

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“We met near here, actually. We were waiting in line for a lobster roll at Red’s Eats,” Braydon said, “and we’ve both always loved Maine, so we thought, why not move there and set ourselves up in town government as soon as we can?”

Kendra agrees. “The sooner we can introduce our progressive values and make sure nothing about our idyllic town ever changes, the better.”

Kendra is on the selectboard, medical services board, board of appeals, and is the new town animal control officer, while Braydon serves on the fire department, planning committee, and the school board.

“We don’t plan to have kids, but if we do, we want them to have the best education we heard about on a really great episode of Radiolab,” Braydon said.

Once the couple is finished unpacking, something Kendra said “will begin as soon as the movers arrive,” they plan to undertake radical changes to make things more comfortable for them and people like them.

“We were surprised to see a few Trump bumper stickers, so we think if we just slowly raise the cost of living through tax increases, while decreasing the existing property tax base by encouraging more non-profit galleries and museums, we can nudge them in the right direction,” Braydon said, pointing inland.

“I’ve never felt a sense of community like I do here in Edgmund or whatever it’s called.”

As of the time this article was finished, Kendra announced her run for state senate.


45 thoughts on “Couple Who Moved to Maine This Morning Now on 7 Different Town Committees”

  1. Bobby Jaysus. The one damn position they did NOT voluntere for was Harbormaster. Shit.

    Edgemund Harbormaster

    1. This is very upsetting to me I am from Connecticut and one of the reasons I moved out of Connecticut is because people like this they come into an area and want to change everything including raising our taxes. So basically they want to make Maine like Connecticut corrupt and tax the businesses & Working people to death this makes me sick.

      1. I could not agree more. Maine has been invaded by people wanting to change it from “The Way Life Should be” to the “Way We Want Maine to Be.” Same thing is happening here in North Carolina. :

    2. These people are jerks! Just what we need, more progressive socialist thinking they can come here and make it “their” way.

  2. Not funny. This kind of infiltration has been happening to Maine for years covertly. Now this craziness is in the open.

  3. ????? I am confused. Are they saying that they want to run the Town like Trump is running the Country? Is that why they want to raise Taxes? I am missing something here.
    Why would anyone want to move to a sweet peaceful little Maine Town and CHANGE things?

    1. Because, they are progressives, have you seen who is running the state? If you can look at their bios and see where they moved from.

  4. One thing I’ve learned from Maine friends is take it easy for about 10 years. It is way too easy to move to Maine with ideas about how you can change all the things you feel are not good. However, then you miss the great depth of goodness that exists here and you never see the age old systems for community support and sustaining. I’ve learned a lot from reading the novels of Ruth Moore and then listening.

  5. I ain’t too much on a bunch of flatlanders comin’ up here pokin’ their noses in our affairs. Next thing you know they’ll start putting a cap on the size of a bottle of Allen’s and tellin’ you how to humanely steam your clams.

      1. And he is still trying to screw things up, a very confused Progressive who thinks he is Independent, lmao

  6. Funny but I saw this “We’re new, we’re here, we’re large and in charge” trend increase fairly recently. Usually took 4 generations before you weren’t “from away.” Most bothersome are folks who just want to be big fish in a small pond. That usually doesn’t end well… Anyway, spring is not too far off so be nice to visitors, they may be living next door to you some day!

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is satire, but it makes a very good point about life in most of our smaller Maine towns….all politics is local and all local politics is about who shows up and volunteers to do the work. I don’t care if you’re a 14th Generation Mainer, if you would rather watch re-runs of Duck Dynasty than drag your butt to a Budget Committee or Board of Appeals meeting to be heard, don’t be surprised when your property taxes go up and you can’t build that shed in your backyard next year. We’ve got roughly 1100 year round residents in my town and about 40 people even bother to show up at our Annual Town Meeting, much less any of the committee meetings or special town meetings. Very few of those 40 people are multigenerational to the area.

    1. This is the truth. Like all good satire this meme is well grounded in reality. If you want Maine to stay Maine, put in the effort and do your time on the planning board, school committee, budget committee and/or school board and board of selectmen. And vote. Every singl
      e time.
      If you leave all the work to others, quit ya bitchen, and suck it up buttercup.

  8. Pretty good satire. Unfortunately in many small towns it is the newcomers that will be the only ones to volunteer for committees, while the old timers and natives sit around and complain about them.

  9. SoTrump supporters are apparently poor and unable to afford the new taxes they want to install, hence causing them to move back to the mainland? Hahaha!!!

  10. Amazing how many gullible people think this is satire. Please remember the old saying that “Ignorance is bliss!” and do NOT destroy their happiness for “Knowledge is hurtful ” We must be kind to our fellow humans. Kindly accept the “Progressive missionaries” that come amongst us to civilize our local natives , for their music hath sounds that sooth the savage beast and the local laborer and middle class must learn to listen and obey without much protest as we all move forward. Bliss is just around the corner!!

  11. Christ on a pogo-stick! Not every dang thing is about politics! The story is satire. People from away suck, but as they trash their old nest, they will inevitably move to another. Might as well laugh at the silly barstards…

  12. I know this is a joke,but this has literally happened in my hometown. Twenty years ago it was a blue collar, fishing community. The taxes on your home were less than $1,000 a year. Now there is an art gallery on every corner and you can’t buy a home for less than $250,000. And it is our own fault. We don’t get involved usually until it’s too late. So i guess we all have to say goodbye to the “Way life should be” and embrace the way life is going to be. It is so sad.

  13. I’m a fan and find this article funny — I can take a joke being someone from away who has become active in my community and home. But I also find that NewMaineNews seems mainly to make fun of people from away and I worry about that — it’s in jest but the reality is there is a huge amount of contempt towards people from “away” and that’s not funny in real life. Perhaps you should balance it out and make a little fun of native mainers from time to time … or else it comes off as not that funny and a little xenophobic.

    1. Any if You go back through the archives you will find that a ton of Seth’s stories are about Maine people. Good fun!!

  14. When their children are born, I am sure little Twig and Branch will be leading the pack in measles and other preventable diseases.

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