Dress Carhartts Converted to Work Carhartts

Limestone – After nearly seven years of formal service as fancy attire, James Tremblay will begin wearing his navy blue Washed Duck Carharrt pants to job sites.

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“I knew the end was near at Thanksgiving, because they were looking pretty faded, but at Christmas service someone noticed some threads sticking off the hammer loop,” Tremblay said.

“Good pants, last forever, but I can’t wear these ones with my nice shirts anymore.”

The Carhartts will join several other pairs of Carhartt pants in Tremblay’s work pile.

“Actually the knees just blew out of the ones I got when I graduated back in ’95 so I was probably going to start wearing them to work anyway.”

Tremblay plans to semi-retire the pants from formal service, wearing them on days when he doesn’t think he’ll come into contact with paint, oil, diesel, or industrial solvents.

“If I do wear them to work, I’ll just have to be extra careful,” he said.

Tremblay hopes he can avoid a disaster long enough to keep the pants in semi-formal condition for his cousin’s wedding this March.

“Probably just get a new dress pair with my tax refund,” he said.

Depending on the size of his tax refund, Tremblay also plans to buy a new pair of dress Red Wing boots.


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  1. Always kept a clean pair of Dexter Acadia boots for dressier occasions. When they got a little too broken in, I’d start wearing then to work and get a new clean pair. Mutha used to point to the clean pair and say, “Them’s yer GOOD shit-kickers!”

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