Duality of Man: Anti-CMP Sticker and Pro-Janet Mills Sticker Seen on Same Car

Standish – Further insight into the dual nature of humanity was recently observed on an 2015 Subaru Outback, exciting Maine’s philosophical community.

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“Generally, when people vote for a leader, regardless of whether they’re Republican or Democrat, they accept this person to be infallible,” said Maine’s chief philosopher Randolph Cuttersby.

“There are a few exceptions, but by and large people will decide to believe in everything their leader believes.”

“Seeing evidence of people holding two non-compatible ideas at the same time, while not realizing any sort of outward conflict, is incredible to spot in the wild,” he continued. “We can’t believe we were able to observe someone who supports the governor without fawning all over her.”

In the case of Maine’s latest governor throwing her support behind the CMP corridor proposed for Western Maine, philosophers see an incredible chance to study the effects of an individual refusing to give up their principles so they might avoid awkward moments that could arise from holding opinions outside the agreed-upon stance among their peers.

“It’s extremely unusual to see someone in this day and age who is willing to admit they support a politician, but also disagree with some of their positions,” Cuttersby said.

“Speaking ill of your leaders is a slippery slope; it could lead to questioning other bad decisions, which could lead to having to think for yourself.”

Cuttersby said the Subaru supporting Mills while also protesting Central Maine Power is almost as exciting as another set of conflicting stickers observed recently.

“We spotted a truck with a sticker in support of small government that also had a sticker in support of Donald Trump,” he said.

At press time, the anti-CMP sticker was no longer displayed on the car.




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