Mainers Begin Filling Potholes With Plastic Bags In Hopes the State Will Start Noticing Them

Statewide – An unauthorized road repair initiative is underway in Maine as residents come up with a new solution to getting the state to pay attention to the wretched state of its roads.

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Citizens across the state are taking the plastic shopping bags stowed under their sinks and using them to fill the potholes plaguing the highways and byways.

“Just about broke my old truck in half on a pothole in the South End,” said Rockland resident Jerry Coffen.

“I’d been up to Walmart, so I had a couple bags to the house, so I stuffed them down in there and sure enough, a lady in a Prius stopped to take a picture,” he said.

“Single use my ass.”

The deep and disastrous potholes marking Maine’s roads are the result of shifting temperatures, ordinary wear and tear, and years and years of neglect by state and local authorities.

“I figure if they’re just going to toss a couple shovels worth of asphalt in them holes and not even tamp it down, I might just as well do it myself,” said Lacey Pelletier of Auburn.

Residents of Portland have started placing vanity mirrors in potholes in hopes of attracting the attention of mayor Ethan Strimling.


7 thoughts on “Mainers Begin Filling Potholes With Plastic Bags In Hopes the State Will Start Noticing Them”

  1. Same pot hole problem out in Western Illinois . Might start recommending your solution to the populace. Careful when you’re out navigating those roads, Cousin. With your tongue in cheek, you could do yourself some damage driving through one of those crevasses!

  2. Damn good thinkin Jerry. I figur 28456 flattened Shaw bags (witch I got) would fill the sucker front my house to the brim. No more world wide plastic problem.. smoother ride. Might have to buy some used plastic from Gina to finish the dirt roads though. Fukin brilliant.

  3. Plastic shopping bags are a grand adventure on the road. If one gets caught by your muffler it will burst into flames and stink your car up. The cure (Even after scraping etc.) is to let it burn off in time. Auto dealers and mechanics will tell you this will take about two weeks, but that is rather like what the Docs will say for recovery time. Real world time is about a stinking month. Please advise readers to consider only filling potholes near politicos’ homes…

  4. There was a massive pothole on 295 south yesterday mile 25 , in the fast lane! 5 cars had flat tires immediately after it and another half a mile down the road. It was so dangerous they should have closed the lane.

  5. Got at least 5 bigun’s at the start of Bowdoin Street in Lisbon. You’d think someone frum the collage would be ashamed and send someone out to fill them? Just sayin’.

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