Presque Isle Airport Incident Leaves Portland Residents Shocked to Learn There Are Other Parts of Maine

Portland – A close-call at the Presque Isle airport, in which a rough landing left 4 passengers with minor injuries, has Portland residents scratching their heads.

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“Presque Isle, is that out by Peaks?” one puzzled resident asked.

The United Express plane suffered damages after sliding off the runway on Monday. The plane remains on the runway pending an FAA investigation, but Portlanders want answers now.

“How far does Maine go, anyway?” asked Peter Wigglesworth, who owns a unicycle food delivery service.

Wigglesworth said he hasn’t flown commercially since he moved to Maine, but he expressed some interest upon learning of Presque Isle’s airport.

“It sounds almost primitive. I’d love to visit, is it in the midcoast?”

Officials say the plane skidded off the runway on its second landing attempt. The plane suffered damage to its nose cone and landing gear.

Some Portlanders were relieved to learn the incident only caused minor injuries, but others wanted to wait until they knew the political demographics of Presque Isle before deciding if the injuries were warranted.



22 thoughts on “Presque Isle Airport Incident Leaves Portland Residents Shocked to Learn There Are Other Parts of Maine”

      1. Amazing how many people see no humor in things. Must be a right bitch living life so pissed off…

  1. There is life North of Portland where people actually work hard for what they have and guess what the tippy top of Maine actually borders New Brunswick Canada. Maybe you should take a break from your busy life and take the weekend off and head up North during Potato Harvest. Find a farm that still picks potatoes by hand. Northern Maine is where the HARD workers are born, but that is changing because of all the leftist who want us to bring up are children as wimps. There are so many restrictions of what they can and can’t do for work. Maybe by heading North you will also realize that our roads need more work than yours. Where when you see a sign that says FROST HEAVE, you definately slow down as you know that if you don’t there will be damage to your vehicle.

      1. Poochie.. look out man. I heard them NB people they breached the wall last night and they are all headed south to the promised land.
        Bobby Jaysus we finished.

    1. So you politicized this… do you think Donald Trump’s soft, pampered hands could handle picking potatoes? He’s never worked an honest day in his life.

  2. No way Kiwi. I lived in Newfoundland.. farther north than even NB… strange as that may seem. Cunstunt is a damn good appropriate noun… or verb.. useful on a daily basis.

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