Breaking: Maine Dad Wants to Know ‘Since When’ Did Burning Brush Require a Permit

East Machias – Local dad Gerry Beal is demanding answers after learning his burn pile was unauthorized earlier today.

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“Since when in the hell do I need to get a goddamn permit to burn brush in my own friggin backyard?” Beal asked after being visited by the local fire chief.

Beal had cut down a spruce and was in the process of burning it on the edge of his lawn.

“Suppose you’re going to tell me if I got a blow-down across the snowmobile trail on the back-40, I got to go sign my life away to get a friggin permit?” Beal asked.

The volunteer fire department chief happened to drive by and saw the smoke, leading to the discovery of an unauthorized burn.

“Let me tell you something about that fella,” Beal said, “he’s been telling everyone what to do since we was in high school. Don’t have much time for that fella.”

According to the fire department, the permit is a simple issue, and can sometimes even be taken care of by verbal agreement.

“Time was you could do what you want,” Beal said. “This whole state is going to hell.”

His frustrations were made worse when he realized he wouldn’t be able to get rid of his used motor oil.

“What in the hell am I supposed to do with 20 gallons of oil and all this spoiled gas?”


16 thoughts on “Breaking: Maine Dad Wants to Know ‘Since When’ Did Burning Brush Require a Permit”

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    1. Dean bird the bar of a chainsaw is designed to be flipped over so it doesn’t wear out one side of it faster than the other

    2. Christ, what are you from Portland or somthing. Chainsaws have chains not saw blades, and you rotate your bar as to not wear out the rails on one side or the other

  2. As long as I’ve been alive I’m pretty sure you’ve needed a permit burn brush and as for getting rid of your used oil and gas shouldn’t do that anyway yes and make starting a fire easier but shouldn’t be done

  3. I was a firefighter for a few years in Calais, Maine. Which, coincidentally is pretty close to East Machias. And I have heard this exact statement uttered many, many times. Too many. Boys oh boys, I love this blog. THANK YOU New Maine News for bringing me right back to Down East.

  4. Why’s he wearing his good Sunday Go To Church bibs? That fella is fartin higher than his arse is what he’s doing…

  5. I don’t bother get one these Massachusetts implants trying to run every thing can go to hell

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