Proposed Maine Flag of Calvin Peeing on Massachusetts Gains Widespread Support

Augusta – A bill to replace Maine’s current flag with an older design was shot down earlier this month, but a new design has many in the state excited for change.

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The proposed flag features the character Calvin, from Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, urinating on a map of Massachusetts.

The new design has nearly universal support in 12 of Maine’s 16 counties.

“One problem with the new flag is the cartoon character isn’t licensed, so we need to come up with another name for him,” said one legislator from Hancock county.

Possible names include Pissin’ Petey, The Maine Mass Trasher, and Bad Boy Club President, among others.

Normally the character is seen on the back windows of Chevy trucks, peeing on a Ford emblem, but often times the situation is reversed.

Maine’s flag has been the subject of change leading up to the 200th anniversary of Maine’s statehood next year. The original 1909 design was considered, but didn’t survive the legislative process.

Legislators from southern Maine have introduced their own competing design. The proposed flag design is a patchwork of state flags from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, stitched together and covering the Maine flag’s lower half.


19 thoughts on “Proposed Maine Flag of Calvin Peeing on Massachusetts Gains Widespread Support”

  1. Line at the top, “State of Maine.”

    Line at the bottom, ………………… “Go the f-ck back home, and take your convoluted politics with you.”

  2. Can you say childish an embarrassment to the intelligent Natives of The State of Maine.

  3. Nasty Flag! He should NOT be peeing in the middle of Massachusetts but in the Eastern section. Needs revision.

    1. That flag is bullshit! I was born in Mass. And have family in that state as well as Maine where I have lived for 40 years and currently do now. I’m 47 now..grow the fuck up and show some respect for what this and every other state In America stands for…You want a flag to represent Maine like that..keep it in your back yard..we deserve better.

      1. Go back to mass and take Mills with you ..yout are right we deserve better than people like you and mills

      2. Do you not understand what site you are visiting? This is pure comedic genius. Go back to Worcester.

      3. WTF what is wrong with our flag as it is? p.s. I agree with you Harry!! LOL SATIRE has no place on our state flag!!!

      4. Your humorless uptight attitude is exactly why this exists. Perhaps you should stay in your safe space in mass.

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