Gov. Mills Announces $5.1 Million Plan to Put New Electric Cars on Maine’s Old Shitty Roads

Augusta – Governor Janet Mills plans to use money secured during her tenure as Maine’s Attorney General to give a break to people looking to purchase electric vehicles for use on Maine’s pock-marked, decrepit roads system.

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The $5.1 million, from Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, will be used to help develop Maine’s electric car infrastructure, as well as provide rebates and discounts for people looking to buy electric.

“According to Carmax, 68% of electric car owners come from homes making more than $100,000 a year,” a statement from the governor’s office read. “This small but politically important demographic will no longer suffer from range anxiety on trips to the farmer’s market.”

Part of the range anxiety comes from the extra mileage incurred while swerving to avoid the thousands of potholes and cracks in Maine’s neglected roads. Putting in more charging stations should help alleviate the problem for electric car owners.

Fully half the money will be used to outfit Maine government offices with new electric vehicles.

“Since most vehicles with Maine government plates speed on the highway with reckless abandon and no fear of reprisal, it presents another challenge for battery life,” according to the statement.

Governor Mills hopes the rebates will encourage Maine’s eco-conscious to consider buying a second or third car for quick trips to First Friday art gallery events, or to drive to the airport for eco-vacations.


29 thoughts on “Gov. Mills Announces $5.1 Million Plan to Put New Electric Cars on Maine’s Old Shitty Roads”

  1. Made one them electric cars once from a old wringer washing machine my old man had in the shed. Kept coming unplugged when I hit the end of the dooryard. Friggin’ useless if you ask me. Maybe they should just put a plug on every phone pole. Then I could get the missus to run the extension cord to the next pole – then the next one – ‘til we got to Farmington. Exercise would do her good.

    1. Bought an old Studebaker Scotsman once with a useless engine. Pulled the engine and used the block as a front end canoe weight for when I was in the back. Thought of going electric in the car, but gave up the idea because of your extension cord problem. Found an old roll top desk and made myself a wooden sail which worked just fine especially on the flat and slightly downhill and on a windy day. Don’t see much sense in electric when wind works bout just as well and don’t use any fuel at all.

    2. If these cars are made like the ones in the old days, remember roads were non existence the roads would not be a problem. If these are made by todays quality assurance guys, you will be lucky to get to your house.

  2. This is the kind of groundbreaking journalism we need in Maine. Hard-hitting headlines that put stupid policies into perspective

  3. If they ever solve the range problem and electric vehicles sales get into double digits, we’ll need a couple of new nuclear plants to make all the electricity for these cars. Or maybe we can just siphon off some of that Canadian hydro power on its way to Mass.

  4. CMP wins again…power up those electric cars all you Maine Consumers! Get out there and spend your tax refunds. The real people are paying taxes this year! Things are going great for the elite!

  5. Because electric cars are generally heavier, they ‘may’ make the roads worse. The history of road making in Maine starts with single lane concrete roads 12′ wide. To go to two lanes they were expanded conventionally with fill and then asphalt. the support for these edges was weaker than the concrete, so they break down first and that’s why there are almost not potholes in the center of a road; but on the edges. Road drainage is another factor.

    Another victim are bicyclists who can’t ride on the edges of the highway or if there is a new bike lane, find cars and trucks using them to avoid broken road ways.

    No easy fix. I prefer using reinforced concrete for places that repeatedly breakdown, but cost, length of time to repair and need to resurface generally rules them out.

    Other possible solutions are using ground tires and composites of various plastics. Surprisingly, nice year round roads can be made of gravel, lime and clay—the old Roman highways. Cheap to make easily repaired, and perfect for rural areas and enclosed communities where electric ‘golf’ carts are the preferred mode of transportation.

  6. If you have to call someone a racist it shows you have nothing intelligent to say. That’s the problem today.

    1. Sorry, Howie. Failure to recognize and point out racism shows a lack of intelligence. That’s the problem today.

  7. I’d say putting new electric cars on old shitty roads is in improvement over running old shitty cars on old shitty roads.

  8. I think Maine should build a charter road to the Allagash. Money could be found by emergency diversion from that special Acadia NP parking reservation black project fund I heard about this morning. It would stimulate something, I think.

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