Partly Cloudy Skies Across Most of Maine, but Strong Winds Keep Temps Down

Augusta – Spring hasn’t quite sprung just yet, as temperatures take a bit of a dip today.

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Those low temps and high winds should subside as we head into Tuesday. A high pressure system moves in, bringing with it sunny skies and warmer temperatures. It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous early spring day across most of the state.

Interior regions of Maine could see highs in the 50s tomorrow, so expect to see lots of smiling faces and maybe even a few t-shirts and shorts among hardier Mainers.

Temperatures will rise a bit as we head into the middle of the week, but coastal towns should brace for a storm with heavy rains and even a little bit of snow mixed in.

Winds once again return to Maine for Thursday, sweeping out the remnants of the storm and bringing in partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures.

Looking forward to the weekend, sunny skies and calmer winds should kick off Friday, bringing comfortable weather to last through the weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Partly Cloudy Skies Across Most of Maine, but Strong Winds Keep Temps Down”

  1. There was no mention of the wind effect on Maine’s Pickle Trees. Sone years back, cyclone winds blew almost the entire crop of pickles off the trees and did major damage to one of Maine’s great agricultural crops!

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