Removal of Maine’s ‘Open for Business’ Sign Ends 8 Years of Lying to Visitors

Augusta – Signs installed at the state border during the governorship of Paul LePage have long been criticized for giving people unrealistic expectations about Maine’s future.

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The “Open for Business” signs, installed below the “Welcome to Maine” signs on the interstates, were removed shortly after Janet Mills came into office, thus ending nearly a decade of state-sanctioned, bald-faced lying.

A spokesperson for the Mills administration said the signs were among the first things to be taken care of, part of Mills initiative as governor to not do anything meaningful.

“Maine has the third-highest tax burden of any state, a crumbling infrastructure, and is by no means business friendly,” the spokesperson said.

“Former Gov. LePage, who had a reputation for misstating or ignoring facts, installed the signs and then proceeded to do nothing about bringing jobs to Maine for 8 years.”

The spokesperson said Mills will be more transparent.

“Governor Mills has made no promise or even pretended to care about bringing business to Maine. This honesty is refreshing, and should be commended.”

No official replacement has been recommended by state officials, but some suggest the budget item covering care and maintenance for the former  ‘Open for Business’ sign could be used for other purposes.

“We’re considering erecting signs as you go into New Hampshire saying ‘Please Come Back, We Are Desperate’ or ‘No Jobs, Sure, But Also No Foam Containers,’ or maybe something admonishing Mainers for traveling to New Hampshire to buy booze without sales tax.”



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