Don McLean to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award From Council of American Creeps

Schenectady, NY –  After an invitation for a lifetime achievement award from UCLA was rescinded, folk singer Don McLean will be honored by the Council of American Creeps (CAC).

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“After reading his remarks following the denial of his invitation to UCLA, we feel Mr. McLean more than exemplifies our core values,” said CAC head Lawrence Laffer.

“Calling the members of the university ‘morons’ for feeling it was inappropriate to honor him with an achievement award, that’s just the kind of creep we want to laud.”

The 124th Annual CAC awards will be given out during a gala at the Schenectady, NY Holiday Inn.

“Ballroom 4,” Laffer told us. “It’s the biggest gathering of CACs in the United States.”

UCLA took back its invitation after learning of McLean’s conviction following a plea on “three minor criminal counts.”

After downplaying the incident as “nothing more than a shouting match,” McLean then made a reference to the current college bribery scandal unfolding, taking to Facebook suggesting he “give [UCLA] some bribe money to grease the college wheels.”

“Can you see why he’s getting our award?” Laffer asked. “Few people can really knock it out of the park as solidly as a guy lobbing non-sequitor ad hominem attacks against a university because it has a problem with his history.”

Laffer said he expected this year’s gala to be a packed event.

“When it comes to Don McLean, we can say without a doubt he is a truly an enormous CAC.”


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  1. I only knew of him from American Pie. Even living here for 40+ years. this abuse thing shows, you don’t know what a person can be like even when they are wealthy and famous.

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