Historic First: Car With State Plates Seen Obeying the Speed Limit

I-295 – Shocked onlookers are reporting a sight never yet seen by Mainers: an official state vehicle travelling on the highway at the posted speed limit.

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Witness Teddy Ouellette said he was flabbergasted by the sighting.

“At first I didn’t think much of it, because to be honest, I speed a little bit myself,” Ouellette said.

“But no matter how fast I’m going, I always get passed by a blue Chevy Cruze with some fellow inside eating a sandwich or whatever,” he said.

Today, however, things were different. Motorists up and down I-295 reported a government vehicle going exactly 65 miles per hour. The driver reportedly had both hands on the wheel at the time, although that hasn’t been verified.

“Guy weren’t even chatting on the phone,” Ouellette claims.

This is the first case of multiple witnesses reporting an official Maine vehicle observing the speed limit.

Several reports have come in over the years claiming to have seen state troopers driving home at posted speeds at the end of their shifts, but they remain unverified.

Cars with state plates are usually the only thing that moves fast in Maine government.


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