Opinion: About Friggin Right, Guy

Rockland – Guy, you know what I was thinking? We should grab a rack of Twisteds and spindle us up some of that skunky-bo-bunky kind-nug you got and go tear around up to Union or whatever.

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I know it’s early but fuck else we got to do today? Check I was waiting on come in and fuck it, I’m ready to spend. Rent comes due next week but I got some jobs lined up for this weekend so we might just as well.

Plus since I’ll be working Saturday and Sunday that means the weekend’s about a bust anyway, so what I’m saying is we should just tie one on now and say to hell with it.

Just thought of something: we should grab Squeak on the way. He just got a new glass pipe off of online and that thing hits smooth, guy.

Anyways, if you’re down to party I’m down. It’s not quite Thirsty Thursday but we mights well have a Weed Wednesday, bub.

Huh? Sounds good? Then let’s fucking do it to it! Put the truck in the whistle gear and fucking meet me down to the store. I’m going to hoof it down there, get some fresh air, and I need to grab some smokes anyway.

Sounds about like a plan. Friggin right, guy.


9 thoughts on “Opinion: About Friggin Right, Guy”

  1. Isn’t it funny…I’m from downeast Maine and when I read this, I literally envisioned people I know saying these words. Two people I know had this conversation. To me, that means that you’ve hit the nail on the head.

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