Motorcyclists Cuts Through Traffic, Speeds Home to Complain Online About Grass Clippings

Saco – Motorcyclist Chris Thompson was so discouraged after thinking about what might happen if he passed a homeowner spraying grass clippings into the road, he couldn’t wait to get home so he could let everyone know his displeasure.

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Thinking of the perfect meme to express his displeasure, Thompson sped through traffic, cut between cars,  and rode the center lane, until he arrived home to make a point about motorcycle safety.

The meme showed a road covered with lawn clippings, with the caption “Keep your grass off my roads and I’ll keep my bike off your lawn.”

Thompson, whose rate of death increases 16 times for every mile traveled over a person in an automobile, knew he needed to get home sooner rather than later to express his safety concerns.

“If I don’t let people know I ride a motorcycle at least once a day, they might forget.”

On his way through a residential neighborhood, Thompson was sure to observe the speed limit, only going five mph over, while also revving his engine loudly for no reason whatsoever.

Before finally arriving home, he also made sure to ride between two cars, screaming at one of the drivers to “share the road.”

“Some of these people don’t even see us when we pass them in the breakdown lane on the right,” he complained.


14 thoughts on “Motorcyclists Cuts Through Traffic, Speeds Home to Complain Online About Grass Clippings”

  1. I also wonder why residents blow their grass clippings into the road. They must be the same dopes who blow snow into the road after the plow goes by. I believe both conditions create a hazard but that’s just me. Maybe someone can invent a lawnmower that incinerates the grass clippings before they come out of the machine. The same inventor can put a high-temperature burner on a snowblower chute so the snow turns to liquid before shooting it out into the street.

  2. Some lawns are of such a size that counter clockwise is the only feasible mowing pattern, it just happens to result in the last couple passes blowing into the road. It is done out of malice or callousness and I have never heard of it resulting in a motorcycle accident.

  3. As soon as the legislature in Maine is done with closing tanning beds to sub-18 year olds, and setting the penalties for “conversion therapy”, they’ll deal with making the movement of grass clippings on to a public through way a felony for “wanton disregard for public safety”. Or, limiting the number of scoops of ice cream to to be served to a minor.:

  4. I guess its humor? There is no author, only some named motorcyclist. Supposed to dredge up a reaction, I guess.

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