Gentrification Threatens Historic Rockland Home Where Midcoast Residents Once Bought Drugs as Teens

Rockland – The self-described “arts capital of Maine” has seen rents on the rise as more people discover the midcoast town, and now one of its iconic South End landmarks is under threat.

The small, two-story, multi-unit building was built in the 1950s, but it holds a place of historic significance for hundreds of people who used to visit it to buy weed back in the 1990s.

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“Oh yeah guy, I remember that place, this lady Teena or something, she sold weed to me and all my friends. Skeezy as hell, we were like 13 at the time,” recalls former Rockland resident Paulie Coffin.

Many people from the surrounding towns, including the island communities of North Haven and Vinalhaven, recall visiting the home to buy weed when they were in high school and sometimes even middle school.

“We’d walk up from the ferry boat and go to her house. She was like 40 I think, but she was our only connection. Even though she only had some plastic patio furniture and a couch with one of them granny afghans on it, there would always be like 20 other kids in there hanging out,” said L.R. Smokeygorf of North Haven.

The smell of a 55-gallon lizard tank and dusty, seedy overpriced pot still remains in the mid-century apartment.

“I wonder what happened to her? She’d steal about half your friggin weed on the walk back from her connection,” recalls Coffin. “Probably pissed the wrong person off.”

The building was purchased last year by a Delaware-registered LLC known as Diamond Wealth Holdings Real Estate.

“I knew it were in trouble when I seen the listing said it was in Rockland’s ‘desirable South End neighborhood,'” Coffin said, shaking his head.


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