Embarrassed Portland Press Herald Accidentally Posts ‘DRAFT DO NOT PUBLISH YET: PPH Endorses Sara Gideon for US Senate’

Portland – Editors at Maine’s largest paper are scrambling this morning after a drafted document, not yet meant to be seen, was accidentally posted to the newspaper’s website and social media feeds.

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The drafted endorsement of Sara Gideon, Maine’s house speaker currently running against attorney Bre Kidman and activist Betsy Sweet for the Democratic nomination, was never intended to be published this early, the paper said in a statement.

The article began “After much critical comparison of the candidates, weighing their positions and personalities, we have spent the last few months slowly and methodically coming to the informed conclusion Sara Gideon is the best possible choice to serve the interests of Maine and gets our endorsement for the Democratic candidate to challenge Susan Collins and her lackluster and disappointing tenure in the Senate.”

It was quickly taken down.

“Prewriting stories is not uncommon in the world of news,” said professor of journalism Mark Griffey.

“Usually, though, they write them ahead of time for sporting events, like the Super Bowl, or celebrity obituaries.”

While the early endorsement is embarrassing for the newspaper, Gideon and the Portland Press Herald share a commonality in that they were both bought by Florida hedgefund manager Donald Sussmann.


6 thoughts on “Embarrassed Portland Press Herald Accidentally Posts ‘DRAFT DO NOT PUBLISH YET: PPH Endorses Sara Gideon for US Senate’”

      1. We know it’s satire, come to think of it the Democrats are a joke. And everyone knows the Portland press herald is a joke

  1. What saddens me most is that 2 years ago NMN was so funny that it was a reason to wake up every morning. Then Seth went to CA and then returned to ME. His cutting edge typical ME humor/ satire is totally gone. Seth.. I am saddened for you. You were iconic for a year. I wish you good health and all the best. You are home… but you’re not back.

  2. Seth, your doing a hella of a job…I’m with ya. Keep it up. If they don’t like it, tell them to go shit in their hat !!! Sam

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