New Neighbors From Away Confused by 12:30 Dinner Invitation

Belgrade – Stan and Liz Jones report they were “touched, but uncertain” about an invitation to dinner with a scheduled start time of 12:30 from their new neighbors.

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The Jones, who recently moved to Maine from Arizona, said they ran over possible scenarios that could explain the mistake.

“At first we figured they mis-typed 2:30 in the message? But that still seems really early for dinner,” Stan Jones said.

Liz Jones said she thought perhaps the time choice could be attributed to the fact their new neighbors, Paul and Clara Cloutier, are in their eighties.

“I just figured they maybe went to bed really early? Honestly, it just didn’t make any sense.”

The Jones accepted the invitation, but said they were even more confused when they arrived at their neighbors’ home wearing dress attire, while their hosts were still in work attire.

Even more confusing, the Jones report, the choice of food was limited to “two kinds of sandwiches, three varieties of Humpty Dumpty chips and a 2-liter of Pepsi,” according to an embarrassed Stan.

“I came expecting dinner fare. It was a very sweet gesture but I’m still so confused by it all,” Liz said.

The Jones said upon leaving, the Cloutiers invited them back again sometime for supper.

“What the hell is supper?” Stan asked once he was out of earshot.


24 thoughts on “New Neighbors From Away Confused by 12:30 Dinner Invitation”

  1. GD Flatlanders. You’ve had all summer to spend your money and enjoy our land. Now go home where you belong. Sam

      1. Hey, Angelo. I thought that Sam was really Portland’s mayor Strimling, letting off some steam about how he REALLY feels about all the asylum seekers, now that zero hour is approaching and they all have to vacate the expo building.

    1. When I 1st moved up here I got a job at a nursing home and they also had dinner at noon. Confused the hell out of me. Then supper at 5. Who knew… LoL

    1. Actually, in Maine, it’s “breakfast”, “dinnah” and “suppah.” Lunch is something that you bring to work with you in your “dinnah bucket.”

  2. When I moved from new york to aroostook county I was in culture shock. What was a dooryard? They dressed their feet. A pot was called a kettle. They put vinegar on their fries. And of course there was breakfast, dinner and supper. Not to mention I-talian sandwiches. Took awhile but I got used to it.

  3. Just goes to show ya, there are new englanders, and then there’s everybody else..
    We won’t touch a frappe or a new england hot dog roll..jeezum crow..

  4. This is an opportunity to be polite, say thanks, and ask what you can bring for next time. We just be grateful for kind gestures and enjoy the time we have with our older humans.

  5. OK, someone else did mention this – “Lunch” is either something you eat that’s in a bag you brought to work or a nice IPA from Maine Beer Co. “Dinner”? C’mon. Sit down meal usually served mid-day, or mid-afternoon on Sunday after church. Only ferr’ners and summa people don’t know that.

  6. It’s a good thing no one was offered ice cream for dessert. In southern New England, the chocolate sprinkles on ice cream are known as “shots” but in Maine they are called “jimmies”. If the dinner hosts really wanted to be creative, they could have used mouse turds to season the dessert.

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