Bangor Man Lays Out Nicest Dancing Bear Tie-Dye for Friend’s Upcoming Wedding

Bangor – Danny Cummings is pulling out all the stops for his friend’s nuptials this weekend, getting his finest tie-dyed Grateful Dead shirt out of the closet in preparation of the event.

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“This is my nice one,” Cummings said, laying the spiral dancing bear t-shirt down on his bed.

“Only other time I brought this one out was for Dead & Company down to Fenway a couple three years ago,” he said. Cummings couldn’t remember exactly which year it was.

“I think it was 2017? Maybe 2016. Hard telling.”

Cummings purchased the shirt during a trip to Portland in 2014, a date he only remembers because “it was the year I got my license back” from an O.U.I. conviction earlier in life.

“I’d always wanted to go to Mexicali Blues down to Portland there, so I said ‘to hell with it’ and took mumma’s car down with some of my buddies,” he recalled.

Cummings said the shirt was reserved for special occasions such as weddings due to its brighter-than-usual colors and “$35 price tag.”

“This one’s too nice to wear out to the bars or whatever,” he said.

Cummings plans to match the shirt with a new pair of Carhartts he got at Reny’s and a broken-in flannel “weather permitting and if they want me to have a collar on my shirt.”



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  1. Seeing that you’ll be wearing your best “Sunday go to meet’n shirt” you might as well go all out and wear your cleanest pair of PF Flyer high top sneakers!

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