Petition to Bring Back Humpty Dumpy Sour Cream & Clam Chips Signed by All 75 Living Fans

Statewide – A grassroots effort to bring back a retired potato chip flavor has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of its initiator, Mark Beal.

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Beal, a Cutler native, expected the petition to garner “five, maybe 10 signatures,” and was completely blown away when 100% of Maine’s remaining Sour Cream & Clam fans signed on.

“Everyone in Maine what still loves them things signed up,” he said.

“Couldn’t believe it! I hope we get them back.”

The Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip company began in Maine in 1947, and the chips have been present at every barbecue and 50% of all brown-bagged school lunches since then.

The Humpty Dumpty brand is now owned by Minnesota-based Old Dutch Foods.

“That explains why they never heard of sour cream and clam,” Beal said. “Bunch of flatlanders.”

Beal said cookouts haven’t been the same since the flavor disappeared.

“Used to eat them with a couple-three Jordan’s hot dogs and dip the chips in whatever ketchup fell out the bun,” he said.



4 thoughts on “Petition to Bring Back Humpty Dumpy Sour Cream & Clam Chips Signed by All 75 Living Fans”

  1. In 1993, I took a couple of the really big bags, you know, the ones that cost a buck eighty nine, down to Rhode Island and my friends, the Pasquallis, dipped them in their quahog juice during dinner. They would drive up to Portsmouth, NH to get Allen’s at the NH liquor store and pick up several bags of these chips at the gas station at the circle – every week – until Darlene got caught a fever from her venereal warts and passed away that Sunday. Homer Pasqualli never had a driver’s license, but he’d sign the petition if someone could mail him a copy. Who do I contact for this?

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