Mainers React to Popeye’s New Chicken Sandwich: ‘What In the Hell Is a Popeye’s Chicken?’

Statewide – Popeye’s fast-food restaurant is making waves on social media with its new chicken sandwich, and Mainers have their own thoughts about the fast-food meal, most of which revolve around questions about the very existence of Popeye’s chicken.

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Stu Brown of Bangor said he heard “something on the news” about it and it only left him confused.

“That sailor cartoon from when we was kids? Never knew they had a restaurant,” he said.

With only three locations, Popeye’s is a relative unknown in the world of fast food in Maine. Popeye’s Chicken restaurants in Maine are mostly in the southern part of the state, with one central Maine location in Lewiston, but that doesn’t mean some haven’t tried it

Donna Thibadeau of Rumford said she stopped in the Popeye’s location at the northbound Kennebunk service center, but opted for Burger King instead.

“They charge $17 for a meal at the rest stop down there, no friggin way. Got me a Whopper instead,” she said, adding she had a coupon anyway.

Other Mainers who tried Popeye’s chicken found it didn’t agree with their local tastes.

“I suppose it’d be alright if they didn’t put all that spice on it,” said Gerry Smith of East Millinocket.

“I had the mild chicken and it just about burnt my mouth off.”

Smith said he tried the mashed potatoes, and felt they would have been fine “but could have done without all that pepper.”

“Too zippy for my tastes,” he said. “Just boil a bunch of potatoes and mash them up. No need to add anything other than salt and butter.”


10 thoughts on “Mainers React to Popeye’s New Chicken Sandwich: ‘What In the Hell Is a Popeye’s Chicken?’”

  1. It sounds like the name of the restaurant is “Popeye’s” for a reason. You eat the spicy food and your eyes pop. If it is too hot for some of you just dip the chicken in some Olive Oyl. Get it? Olive Oly. Ha-ha-ha, etc.

    1. Yup, they got that wrong. Everyone from Kittery to Caribou knows that “Northern Maine” begins above the Falmouth town line.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that you all want it as bland and tasteless as possible. Popeyes is a Louisiana chain, where they know what good food tastes like. So glad I don’t live up there in the tundra.

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