New ‘True-Mainer’ GPS Tells You All the Landmarks You’ll See if You Drove Too Far

Olathe, KS – Garmin Ltd. created a new GPS system just for Mainers, giving drivers point-by-point directions on what they’ll see if they drive past a chosen destination.

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According to Garmin, the GPS is a “more natural fit for Mainers who are used to getting directions from other Mainers,” a representative of the company said.

If you set a destination from Brunswick to Congress Street in Portland, the True-Mainer GPS will advise you of the Maine Mall and Jetport exits.

“If you see a sign in 61.7 miles for the Portland Jetport, you have gone too far,” the GPS voice alerts drivers.

Immediately following a notification of what to expect if you’ve driven past your exit, the GPS launches into an entirely new set of directions on how to get back onto the road to get to your original destination.

“Regardless of whether or not you miss your exit, the True Maine GPS lets you know what sights and landmarks you’ll see 5 to 10 miles past your exit,” Garmin said.

One notable exception is driving from Ellsworth to Machias, when it assures drivers they haven’t missed a turn and are still on the correct path, “it’s just a ways is all.”

Driving through downtown Bangor, True Mainer GPS also lets you know other details.

“Stay straight until you get to a huge hill. The stop light at the top was some pretty hard times back when everyone drove standard. Nowadays no one pays it any mind but you could smell the burnt clutch-smell about half the time back before everyone got soft and started driving automatics,” it says.



12 thoughts on “New ‘True-Mainer’ GPS Tells You All the Landmarks You’ll See if You Drove Too Far”

  1. I’m from Connecticut but my family has owned a home in western Maine since 1954. Will the True-Mainer GPS still work for people like me? If not, is there a True-Flatlander GPS that won’t send me to New Hampshire?

    1. Hi Art! You lived just up the street from me on Foot Hills Rd. I’m in Washington,Maine now. I didn’t know your family had a place in Western Maine. Where is it? My family had a cabin on Mooselookmeguntic for 40 years.

  2. Reminds me of the Bert and I admonition that ‘you cain’t get theah from heah” which had to do with I think Millinocket. Maybe that has been overcome with this new gadget.

    1. … then Bob Marley “borrowed” the bit, made it filthier, and renamed it, “Which Way to East Vasalboro.”

    1. A Global Positioning System. Standard in most modern vehicles of the past 5-7 years, a GPS will, when you type your destination’s street address into the thing, tell you how to, in fact, get theyah from heyah. The humour lies in how this particular GPS model would, instead of saying ‘In 500 feet, make a left turn,’ give you directions in the most ‘Maine’ was possible: by telling you when you’ve gone too far and have to turn around via the landmarks past your destination, ‘If you reach tha old Arm-ry you’ve gone too fah,’ etc.

      1. Relyn, I think Sam was joking…but otherwise you’re spot-on. Although Uncle Ike makes a very good point – there’s almost always some version of “Tuuhn left wheyah Bob’s bahn useta be befoah it buhnt down,” etc. If anything, this post should be longer, because the directions almost always are even if you’re only going one mile!

  3. Need a GPS that gives directions based on what usetah be theyah – “take a left just past where Union Station usetah be.”

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