The New Maine News was formed in 1820 to champion the statehood of Maine, hence the name New Maine News. Originally founded by a collective of Maine farmers and fisherman, it was bought out by wealthy Boston newspaperman Victor Montpelier Cabot Lamont II in 1859 for a sum of $75 to be paid out over a period of 100 years.

Victor Montpelier Cabot Lamont II
Victor Montpelier Cabot Lamont II

The paper was then sold by Lamont in 1860 to a collective of Prohibitionists, who renamed the paper “The New Dry Maine News.” The name stuck until the passing of the 18th Amendment, at which point the senior staff of the paper decided it was redundant. The name was changed briefly to “Maine’s Perfected Daily Triumph in Print” and then back to New Maine News.

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