New Maine News Honor Roll

New Maine News owes all of its success to the support of amazing people, but we owe our success to these specific amazing people more than most. To find out how to get your name on the New Maine News Honor Roll, visit New Maine News on Patreon.

Executive Class Premium Supporters:

  • Tanya Emory

  • Martin Grohman “The premier podcast for Maine businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and the people that love and support them:

Premium Plus Supporters:

  • Jamie Gagnon: “Please read my blog at: to read about my battle with cancer and my thoughts on film. TOTALLY related. Also, I have no shame in self-promotion. Clearly.
  • Rawn Hill
  • Scott W. Cuddy
  • Brenda Pike
  • William Allen

Premium Supporters:

  • Megan Brandt-Meyer
  • Henry A Clews
  • Philip Becker
  • Michael Passalacqua
  • Thomas Henley
  • Oroz
  • Jim “Professor Nutbutter” Merullo
  • J Hall
  • Kim Lyman


  • Deacon Yonts
  • Chris Bitely
  • kimmarg
  • Dustin Younse
  • Mike McKenney
  • Justin Meader
  • Jared “The Excellent” Petty