Class-Flower Tattoo, Hepatitis, Life-Long Reminders of Senior Trip to Cancun

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A close up of a flower

Jackman — The class of 2001 senior trip to Cancun, Mexico, is still looked upon fondly by members of that year’s graduating class.

Meghan Ouellette, then 17, decided to get a permanent reminder of her final year of school by contracting hepatitis C from a dirty tattoo needle in a beach-side parlor.

“We were all a little wastey, and the other girls from the basketball team and me had made a pact to get tats when we were down there,” she said.

The class of 2001 had chosen a daisy for its “simplicity and wild beauty” to represent their graduating class.

“I love daisies so I would have gotten a tattoo of them anyway,” Ouellette said.

The tattoo, located on her ankle, is crude and the colors began fading soon after Ouellette returned home.

“I have to tell people what it is because you can’t really tell,” she laughed. “But when I see it or when I go to get my Zepatier prescription filled, I remember all those good times we had.”