Maine Grandma Still Can’t Get Used to Dialing More Than Four Numbers

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A close up of a telephone

Sherman — Family members are concerned local grandmother Millicent Packer won’t be able to make the adjustment to her new prepaid cell phone.

“Gran-gran still waits until I come over to visit to make phone calls,” granddaughter Donna Thiebault said.

“She forgets you can’t just dial the last four numbers, even though they changed it before I was born.”

Packer does remember to dial the prefix and line when calling “long distance,” something she rarely does.

“It’s a treat when I can talk to my granbabies in Millinocket,” she said. However, she limits these calls to holidays and birthdays.

“Costs more to call in-state than to call California,” she said, a line her grandchildren have been hearing their entire lives.

“She tells me to call collect and then hang up and she’ll call me back,” grandson Travis Packer said.

Thiebault said no amount of reminders can make her grandmother dial all seven numbers for local calls on the first try, which is why she’s hesitant to help her set up her new prepaid cellphone.

“I’m pretty sure every visit from here on out is going to end with me having to dial numbers for her,” she said.