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For the Week Starting: 1.22.2019

O thou side-piercing sight!

Edgar in Shakespeare’s King Lear (

When he’s speaking, Edgar is alluding to Lear’s mad ravings. Mercury RX mistake video.

Aquarius: Loving life and living large? That’s the way it’s supposed to be. So if you’re not fitting into that description? What can be done to change your course, your Aquarius destiny? I figure no one but yourself can change the conditions that are around you. Sometimes it’s matter of merely seeing the situation in its entirety rather than just concentrating on some of the details. Just like playing sports betting games via

Can’t very well step out of yourself to see a situation in a more whole manner, but it is an idea with merit. Then too, with pernicious Mercury backwards, there’s the hint that you might not get the real picture, just a tainted image. That’s certainly problematic. Even though we’re all dealing with the Mercury thing, I still think that Aquarius can step back and take a grand look over the big scheme stuff. Maybe stop and reassess the new year’s goals. I’m not saying that you’re concentrating on too many insignificant details, but that has been a problem. Big picture, go for the bigger picture. Like a world-wide view. Go for a global position.

Pisces: I’ve always found this to be a bit strange, for the Pisces corner. It’s bad and good at the same time. There’s a little flying brush with fame that happens, too, as Venus and Uranus make pass at each other. In Pisces. That quick Venus, and the longer, slower Uranus, they have a weird effect on each other.

Ever see one of those couples who seems to fight all the time, and yet, they are all hugs and kisses, at the same time? Not exactly a dynamic I want in a relationship, but for some people, they seem to thrive on disharmony.

That’s not a typical Pisces trait, but with this little bump, the relative position in the Moon, being new and all, and that little kick from Uranus and Venus, I’d expect something like a mock dust-up. Not really a huge fight, not a big conflagration, more like a small brush fire. The point that Uranus wants to make, though, and for that matter, Venus as well? That’s the area, the point, the place where you want to contain the event. Don’t let a small, inconsequential event turn into a huge problem. No need to let a small deal turn into a big deal. Mock dust-up and brush with fame. Don’t let this get out of hand.

Aries: Planning, prevention, and preparedness. All help me with execution. I’d like to suggest that those three letters, PPP for Planning, Prevention and Preparedness would be rather useful to Aries in the coming moments. Might be the next few minutes, next few hours, next few days, but sometime soon, you’re going to need it.

It’s matter of being prepared. I spent a lot of time working on computers. I have back up files. I have a workmanlike manner that assemble files and disparate parts of websites. Gets to a certain point, it’s just a matter of fitting the right piece of website stuff into the bigger picture. I had a system interruption the other evening. Took me all of about 30 seconds to isolate, fix and upload a patch. Not much at all. But I was prepared.

I had an emergency back up (rather, it was a work around) already arranged. Part of this is so repetitive that I’m not sure it really matters that I repeat the message. But a little bit of being prepared for (Aries) emergencies goes a long way in making your life much easier in the coming week.

In my closet, there’s a “Hurricane Kit,” which has, a space blanket, flashlights, water, Pop Tarts, beef jerky, Slim Jim’s, and so on. Always ready. You do have a hurricane kit?

Taurus: I was listening to a cover song by the usual suspects. It was an homage to one of the truly greats in the rock and roll business, and the guys doing the cover? They too, were greats. In a manner of speaking. Just some hard rock history, played out as an earful.

The homage was lovingly rendered, too, which was a nice touch. When the live cover song was done, the lead singer noted the source, and acknowledged that he wasn’t as great as the original artists, but hey, he loved that song. So did I. Can’t say I could do a better job, either.

There’s a point wherein the homage is paid, the dues acknowledged, the place where folks being copied have to recognize that the copy, or cover, like the song I listened to, that is a form of tribute. Being copied is a great form of praise. There’s a copyright, performance rights kind of issue here, too. But I’m not jumping into that one. Isn’t my battle. When someone apes your Taurus moves? Recognize the action as tribute, not a blatant rip-off.

Gemini: One of the few regrets that I have is not having children. No offspring. Not that I miss about 99% of the problems with children, about the only aspect of kiddies that I miss? Movies. When I go, especially if it’s like an afternoon matinee, middle of the week? I can usually sneak in and sneak out, but I always feel a little like a creepy old guy. Which I might be, but not in some respects. Besides, kids make the best kind of cover, best excuse to see some of the patently childish and child-oriented films now out.

I saw one, during the Xmas vacation, and it was such a successful venture, I thought I’d try it again. One of those kid movies wherein my emotions are frankly manipulated. I don’t care. No nudity, no hint of impropriety, and it was all done with frankly clean language. Images, too. No exposed body parts, no puerile language and gestures. Remembering that, I hopped over to the multiplex cinema to see another show.

It sucked. I was sorely disappointed. It was a childish, mawkish, never mind, just awful. Waste of time and money, for me. To make matters worse, I was alone so I did look like a creepy old guy. Which I might be, but that’s not the question in this situation. As a Gemini, like me, you tried something a couple of weeks ago. It was successful. Try to repeat the process and be sorely disappointed? I’m just saying, you knew that before you went, you read the reviews. Might not be a movie, could be just about any experience, but don’t be disappointed if you’re disappointed.

Cancer: It wasn’t a happy note, not really, but I’ve got a twisted sense of humor, and I found there to be a certain kind of amusement to be derived from the following New Year’s list: 1) get a divorce 2) sell house 3) sell SUV 4) get out of debt 5) get girlfriend 6) get married 7) buy SUV 8) buy house….

I think I left something out, I thought there were supposed to be ten, all total. Guess not. There’s a cyclical action here, too. Get rid of one thing, say “wife who costs money,” only to replace that with a “girlfriend (becomes wife) who costs money.” It’s not a pathway that means there will be happiness.

It’s cyclical. I can see from the glazed look in your Cancer eyes you don’t get the humor. What it is, though, it’s about not repeating, not recurring, not repeating the same action. That’s what this is about. I thought the dashed hopes for a new year with those resolutions would help shed a little light on this problem. It’s about cyclical actions, and stopping long enough to not repeat the parts of the cycle you don’t want to repeat.

Leo: I’ve got a funny mind, plays tricks on me. I was riding shotgun, running an errand with a friend, and I caught a glimpse of a billboard. At first, what I thought it said? “Certificate of Dysfunction.” I was going to write it down, and then I glanced at the billboard again, it really said, “Certificate of Distinction.”

Those two are on opposite ends of the spectrum, “distinction” and “dysfunction.” Personally, I would’ve been more interested in a product that was certified to be dysfunctional because that would be more in keeping with modern practices.

This is a simple case where my mind played a little trick on me. Led me down a path some folks might not want to go. And, to be honest, this can be attributed to a Mercurymistake, as well.

Virgo: The typical “junk” catalog caught up with me, and in an idle moment, I was in the smallest room, I flipped through the advertising. One item really did tickle my fancy: a steak branding iron. The more I thought about it, though, the less I was impressed. Pretty expensive, and the company only offered, like, letters. Should I get FGS (Fishing Guide to the Stars)? KW for Kramer Wetzel?

Some variations and themes? I don’t know of many dinner portions of steak that would be big enough for the while website name, See the problems here? The bigger problem, too, is how I like my meat cooked. Either slow-roasted BBQ, which can take up to 24 hours and leaves no room for branding, or the smaller cuts, like, in a nice place? I like it medium raw. A little more rare than just rare. “Wipe its butt and herd it on out here,” is how one friend explains it.

I was thinking that I could just brand the steak, be about all I needed. I also realize that one vegetarian Virgo will get upset, but this isn’t really about food. It’s about that catalog item. It was a great idea. However, other than as a novelty? Would it be useful? Hardly. Think long term about this, about what you’re looking at.

Libra: There’s the ugly side of life, the ugly side of business, and even in the darling Libra life? There’s an ugly side. A special Libra was watching me upload the weekly video. The weekly scopes. The first part was how much work is involved. The other part is how ugly the backside of the website can be. It’s not exactly pretty. It’s a long list of files and sub-directories, with weird names, like “xenon” and “archives” and similar nomenclature.

I tended, at one time, to put an “x” at the beginning of the name of a sub-directory since the files would appear in alphabetical order. Made it easier, but it still looks cryptic, and, like that Libra observed, not very attractive. In order to make something nice, there’s usually an ugly underpinning. The bottom side of the car, the backside of a horse, the stuff that’s hidden for a good reason.

Some of that hidden stuff is coming to light, this next few days. Bad? Hardly. Ugly? Probably. Really bad news? No, just, perhaps, a little more information than you desired. Like what the website looks like from my end, all the little workers putting up thewebpages.

Scorpio: I was toying with a “saints” candle I’ve got here. I wanted to light it up, but I was curious, I couldn’t find the candle’s wick. I tend to use a lot of those 7-day candles, I’m less concerned with the saint depicted on the cover as the with the color of the candle’s wax. Red is passionate, and green helps with dollars flowing towards me, at least, that’s the myth as I understand it.

St. Anthony is for lost objects, St. Jude is for lost causes, and so on. There’s a myth and mystery with each candle. But this last candle, it bothered me. I couldn’t find a wick. I finally dug around in the candle’s wax — I determined the candle didn’t have it wick. No string to burn. A safer candle to be sure, but that’s not what this about.

We can look at a lot of factors, but I’m tending towards this candle being very symbolic of what’s happening with Mercury and Mars. And Pluto, in Capricorn. Yeah, a candle with no wick. Sort of hard to light that fire. Might make for a little bit of a problem, It’s Virgen of Guadalupe image on the candle’s wrapper. Green wax. Don’t know if it means anything at all. Maybe just manufacturing defect. Or maybe a lasting Mercury problem for Scorpio.

Sagittarius: I had this business idea. I started a little list, on the back of an old business card of mine. The list started with the idea, a two word abbreviation. The little list has sat on my desk for a fortnight. I’ve thought about it. Thought about adding items under the list, thought about what tasks and steps would be next, in trying to achieve the goal of having a goal. And then this gets a little reductive.

What do I need to to do in order to do what I need to do? What’s the goal, direction, purpose, ultimate goal, ultimate direction, short range tasks that can get to the long range direction? First step, what is it? I’m not sure. I’m unsure of the goal, too. This is a riddle, wrapped up in paper and ink, on the blank side of a business card. It’s a puzzle. I don’t have an answer, but I do have one suggestion, and I’m going to follow it myself.

Instead of wondering what the next step is? How to get to some unnamed destination? I’ll stick to a little action. Sometimes, it’s less about where we’re going, but more about taking steps that feel, look, or maybe appear to be, positive action in the direction that looks to be best.

Capricorn: I find this amusing, since I’ve got a number of Capricorn clients that are all worked up. Can’t say this caught you by surprise, or that I didn’t warn you that Mercurywas going to slide back into your sign. Mercury and Mars give the lunar phase a little kick. That’s the problem. Or, to me, less of a problem and more like punctuation.

It’s like an expression with a little extra enthusiasm. The problem, the amusement for me, is that, while my Cap friends are fired up? Not many other people are as excited. Therein is the trouble. I don’t have an easy answer for that. I would like to think that this is because, as a Capricorn, you’re ahead of the curve, ahead of schedule, on top oftomorrow’s news today. In advance. Got your game on. Whatever the expression is that fits, okay? The only, and it’s just a little warning, is that Mercury is still backwards for some. Just be aware that it might confuse issues that could wait until later.

Or not.

(I’d wait.)