Creek Fishing Tips

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Creek Fishing Can Be Fun and Rewarding

Creek fishing can be fun and rewarding as they are sometimes under fished by people who know what they are doing. If you don’t have a boat or even want to get in touch with what drove you to fishing to start with, then creek fishing may be the thing for you. So I have compiled some creek fishing tips that may provide you with some great fun and a bucket full of fish! And while you chill waiting for a catch, you could sit back and play some fun 해외배팅사이트 online. 

Of course finding the right creek is the first creek fishing tip. A little stream usually won’t cut it. You need to find a creek that is deep enough to hold fish and isn’t too polluted. Look for other signs of life around the stream. If you see lots of insects in or around the water and animal tracks (raccoon especially) then the creek probably can and does support fish. You can also throw bread or pieces of corn into the water and watch them. If little fish rise up to feed on the bread or corn then bigger fish probably live in the creek as well.

In many areas that hold trout a creek is the place to fish. I am not really concentrating on trout fishing, though here is a fly fishing article I wrote earlier if that is your thing. I was blessed as a kid to grow up between two creeks that held fish. I caught many good sized bream which is my favorite pan fish to catch. Also catfish were often on my hook as well as an 11 inch largemouth bass I caught in a creek that was 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. Here is a tip for catfish bait if that is your fishing of choice.

Now the next most important creek fishing tip is to select the bait. This is easy as most creeks have their own bait supply on hand. Catch some worms or grasshoppers, crickets or crawfish from right there around or in the creek. Or of course just buy some worms and bring them to the creek for bait.

Unless you know there is a deep hole in the creek you usually want to use a drift fishing method. Drift your bait in the current and hope for a hungry fish to ambush it. Fish tend to settle where they can use the least energy from fighting current and home to catch their prey in the water.

Casting is not a big issue in most creeks due to their lack of width. Just flip your line upstream and let is float down, do try to avoid rocks if possible of course as they will snag the line and hook.

If there are deep holes in the creek then you want drop the bait into them and just sit and wait for a fish to strike. I usually drop my line into a hole and wait about 5 minutes then do it again if I don’t get a strike. If nothing hits then I go to the next hole.

If you walk in the creek while fishing then walk upstream. You will disturb the water and muddy it up thus alerting fish downstream that something big is in the creek walking.